Strategy-First Skills

to Ensure Full-Team Alignment

Employee engagement increases when team members feel connected to company strategy. Get team members and company leadership moving in the same direction with skills that flow out of strategy. The Strong Framework can help!

  • Dive deep and extract skills needed for strategic initiatives
  • Group strategy-mapped skills to micro-certifications
  • Provide micro-certification pathways to team members
  • Measure your decreasing skill gaps

Supercharge Learning & Development

Grow Strong works beautifully alongside existing L&D structures/staff or as a stand-alone program. In fact, we believe Grow Strong's offering is greatly enhanced by the presence of a well-thought-out Learning and Development program.

L&D Alone

  • Amazing HR/L&D Staff
  • Learning Management System
  • Fabulous Content and Media Delivery System
  • Always Possible to Create/Curate More Content
  • Assign Courses/Classes to Prompt Learning
  • Track Course Completion and Attendance

L&D + Grow Strong

  • Same Amazing HR/L&D Staff
  • Enhances Existing LMS Experience
  • Utilizes Existing Content and Media
  • Opens the Door for More Content Sources
  • Assign Micro-Certifications to Acquire or Confirm Skills
  • Track Skill Acquisition

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Start a Conversation

Make your Organization Strong!

  • Eliminated sanctioned incompetence.
  • Reduce employee turn-over.
  • Recognize and celebrate growth.
  • Align skill development with company values and strategy.
  • Prioritize workforce re-skilling & promoting from within.
  • Discover and fill crucial skill-gaps.

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